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Amazing partnership opportunities which can help your organisation whilst helping those in need

Chequered Flag Motorsport is not your ordinary company, which is perhaps not surprising as it’s
founder, Gary Booth, is no ordinary person. Fit and healthy as a 31 year old with a successful career
in finance, he was struck down by stroke with no warning.

He has always struggled with the long term neurological impact of his stroke even though many
years of hard work have left him with few physical signs of stroke, despite initially being paralysed
and unable to talk.

Frustrated at the lack of recognition and awareness of his own situation he sought to help others in a
similar situation, helping not only fellow stroke survivors, but also people with ASD, amputees,
those with general mental health issues and many more. His journey led to him creating Chequered
Flag Motorsport as a not for profit organisation to help with the rehabilitation and reintegration of
neurodiverse and disabled individuals.

The organisation is now delivering some unique and exciting events aimed at providing individuals
with the opportunity to meet with others in a similar situation to share experiences, learn how to
cope and where, and from who, to get help, all done in an inspirational environment.

Delivering events such as track days that are also quite uniquely available to amputees and
workshop type events designed to take place in inspirational environments that provide individuals
with an environment in which they feel comfortable addressing their issues and are able to receive
help, guidance and support while meeting like minded individuals. Support from Thruxton Race
Circuit, the fastest race circuit in the UK and Porsche GB has seen the confirmation of the first two
major post lockdown events to take place in October.

Explaining why he was using motorsport Gary explained “Research has shown that motorsport is
very helpful for those with neuro conditions in helping with social engagement, communication
generally, providing structure and goals yet still providing a buzz of excitement that contributes to
improving general wellbeing.“

To illustrate the excitement the events have generated, Mandy Lawton, a single leg amputee
explained: “I never thought I would have the opportunity to drive a race car, yet Chequered Flag
Motorsport has made that possible and I am looking forward to sharing the experience with people
in the same situation as me.”

To deliver our events costs significant sums and, as there is very little acknowledgement around
what we do, no funding is available therefore we have to rely on partnerships. In addition to simply
seeking funding we are able to offer partners a wide range of benefits including a range of benefits
aimed at increasing your bottom line, increased and improved staff engagement, benefit from our
media and social media exposure, differentiates you from your competitors and much more. The
programme is more limited by your imagination than anything else. Whatever your budget we can
bring you a range of benefits so don’t be shy start benefitting immediately.

We can also offer owners, managers, staff, individuals an insight into what life is like and what
difficulties are faced with individuals battling neurodiverse conditions.

Help us to help others less fortunate and help yourselves in the process
To find out more or for an informal chat about helping us to help others please contact Gary at