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B&M Waste Services Recycling Partner for Radio Aire’s Cash for Kids ‘Mission Christmas’

Continuing their pledge to help Cash for Kids following supporting ‘Super Hero’ day earlier this year, Carbon Neutral B&M Waste Services are now supporting the ‘Mission Christmas’ programme, which hopes to ensure no child wakes up on Christmas day without a present. B&M Waste Services are further supporting the Leeds HQ by offering free waste collections to ensure as much of the packaging is recycled as possible, and no waste is sent to landfill.

Gifts are sorted by the Cash for Kids team and volunteers at the Leeds base. The gifts are signed for and collected by the organisation who have applied on behalf of the children they work with. The organisation then wrap and distribute the gifts to the children they are supporting.

David Curtis, Managing Director at B&M Waste Services said “As a local, family business, we strongly believe that no child should ever experience Christmas without a gift. We are proud to have supported Mission Christmas for a number of years and pleased to be able to assist further with removal of the packaging from the centre for recycling. Let’s make Christmas extra special for every child!”

Lauren Procter, Cash for Kids Charity Manager said “After relocating off-site from Radio Aire, we knew that we would struggle with disposing of our waste. With the amount of gifts that we receive – helping over 27,000 local children – this results in a lot of waste packaging. B&M Waste Services really have been our saviour, and we are so pleased that they agreed to support us further.”

B&M Waste also complete a FREE waste audit for environmentally conscious businesses, looking to develop waste minimisation, reuse and recycling strategies and subsequently reduce their waste costs effectively. To find out more about this, you can visit