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C-Kore celebrates their 600th Subsea Testing Unit Deployment with their new Subsea Optical TDR tool

C-Kore Systems is proud to announce the deployment of their 600th subsea testing tools. This
milestone event occurred for an installation campaign in the Gulf of Mexico, one of C-Kore’s
growing markets and included their new Subsea Optical TDR tool.
C-Kore’s subsea testing units have gained worldwide acceptance with both operators and contractors for the cost-savings the tools provide, the reduction in offshore personnel required for
testing and the simplification they bring to subsea operations.
So far C-Kore tools have been responsible for the installation of 50 assets (umbilicals) and
have been used to find more than 230 faults in existing subsea fields for a total of 10,000 days
of tool hire. The company is pleased to have continued to grow its customer base to over 70
clients by combining cost-saving technology with exceptional customer service.
This mobilisation included a wide range of the company’s testing tools. Their latest product, the
Subsea Optical TDR unit now allows customers to easily test their fibre optic lines subsea. The
C-Kore Cable Monitor units saves customers significant time and money by providing quick
and accurate readings on the insulation resistance and continuity of electrical lines. The Subsea
TDR unit localises faults with an accuracy of 15cm, and the Pressure Monitor data-logs the
hydraulic pressure of the umbilical hoses.
C-Kore Systems is the recipient of both a Subsea UK Innovation and Technology award and
twice the coveted Queen’s Award for Enterprise, in both the Innovation and Export categories.
For further information on our innovative subsea testing technology, please visit our website,