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Chamber supports Yorkshire businesses with free online webinars

The West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce is supporting the local business community with its new online events programme.

As many businesses continue to facilitate working from home, the Chamber sought to maintain its busy events calendar and provide its members with a way to learn and connect with likeminded professionals in a safe setting. As a result, the Chamber launched its online events programme earlier this month, which has been a great success.

Past successful webinars have covered topics such as marketing, selling online, HR and operating during Covid-19. The Bank of England partnered with the Chamber to deliver a webinar on the current economic climate and key financials, which members found insightful. Webinars feature an external speaker, all experts in their own field.

Upcoming webinars include health and safety, the introduction of online networking, and an exclusive partnership event with multinational technology company CISCO. The Chamber also runs a biweekly Covid-19 webinar which outlines available business support and any recent changes.

The Chambers online events are free to attend for all members and for a limited time other local business can benefit from a number of these webinars also.

You can view upcoming Chamber webinars and events on their website: