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Clifton drawing competition names winners of perfect play streets

Pupils who drew the best ideas for playing in Clifton’s streets as part of the council’s plans for new homes for the area, have been named today (10 February 2020) and been presented with prizes.

Children from across Years 1 – 6 at Clifton Green Primary School were challenged to: “Imagine it’s a warm summer’s day, the school is closed and, by magic, there are no cars in Clifton at all and you can play in your street. Draw it! Tell us about your car-free play day in Clifton!”

The 223 pupils entered the competition, sharing their imaginings of more child-friendly and safer streets as part of consultation on the homes, streets and spaces planned for the nearby Duncombe Barracks site. This is one of eight council-owned sites on which much-needed homes will be created as part of the council’s Housing Delivery Programme (HDP)*.

The children’s drawings were used to inspire a design workshop in late November. Then, residents worked with architects Mikhail Riches and council officers to model their vision of the new community. This was informed by local knowledge and priorities given by residents to the design team at an earlier engagement event. A third and final exhibition of designs for Duncombe Barracks will be held later this spring.

The competition winners were chosen on 16 November 2019 at the HDP design workshop held at St Luke’s Community Hall. The winners are:

  • Rosie from Years 1 and 2
  • Kiannah from Years 3 and 4
  • Archie from Years 5 and 6.

Jacob, from Year 6, was given an additional prize voucher donated by a resident who attended the workshop.

Each winner was presented with their awards at a special school assembly by Councillor Denise Craghill, Executive Member for Housing and Safer Communities. The pupils were given a mug each with a print of their artwork on it and vouchers for them and their families to enjoy at Clifton D’licious Cakery.

Cllr Craghill said: “Just as residents of all ages will live in these homes, I’m pleased that residents of all ages are involved in shaping them and the spaces they’ll be set in.”

“These drawings certainly inspired me and our project team, and our architects have used them as part of the feedback and ideas gathered from our conversations with residents.

“I’d like to thank all 223 pupils for sharing their ‘best ideas for playing in Clifton’s streets’. They’re inspirational and a credit to their school and community!”

Angela Koch, co-Design Lead from ImaginePlaces for architects Mikhail Riches, said: “It’s wonderful to work with so many of Clifton’s residents. And as the review of the artwork has made very clear, the young designers have exceptional creative and fun minds.

“The many stories told in the drawings have already inspired and directed our approach to streets and play spaces in our designs for the Duncombe Barracks site. We would very much like to thank the pupils and teachers for their fantastic contribution.”

Lisa Green, Business Manager at Clifton Primary School, said: “Clifton Green Primary School’s children were delighted to be given the chance to contribute to the design of their community’s future. Allowing children to have meaningful opportunities to use their skills learned at school, encourages a greater sense of purpose and meaning for them, and a better understanding of the great work of our teachers.”

To take part in the next stage of work on sites at Duncombe Barracks, Burnholme or Ordnance Lane, please register your interest at: