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Creative leadership for SMEs

IVE Hothouse have teamed up with West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges (WYCC) to deliver our Creative Leadership Programme to SMEs at a reduced rate, to support economic growth in the North.

The World Economic Forum reports that the 3 most in demand skills by 2022 will be complex Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, and Creativity.

In a world full of uncertainty, where change is inevitable, success relies on a business’s ability to lead with transformation and resilience in response to change, and to proactively drive change – in short, to lead creatively.

How does creative leadership help businesses?

• generates new ideas and products

• enables organisations to solve ill-defined problems

• allows organisations to respond to opportunities and to maintain an advantage over market competitors

Creativity is a core leadership skill and a known soft skills gap, yet many working contexts are stifling to creativity. IVE work to address that.

Creative Leadership and SMEs

SMEs face many barriers to adopting the business practices needed to navigate uncertain times with resilience. This poses a challenge to growth, innovation and productivity. That’s why WYCC and IVE’s Creative Leadership Programme works with businesses to reframe how a more dynamic and innovative culture can be established.

IVE’s Higher Performing Workplaces Programme is a fantastic opportunity to develop the creative competencies and innovation needed to drive productivity and ensure sustainability. They will equip your staff with the skills that will enable them to use creativity with confidence in order to drive innovation, solve current and future problems and increase productivity.

IVE’s approach is structured to enable participants to understand and apply theories and definitions of creativity, and provide opportunities to build individual creative capacities through reflection, play, and high impact engagement.

As a result, participants will be able to;

• Harness innovation and transformation to overcome organisational challenges

• Solve complex problems through divergent and convergent creative thinking in wide ranging contexts

• Learn how to build and sustain the environment for innovation, creativity and reflective thinking

• Grow resilience through applying creativity under pressure

• Understand how different team approaches can be applied to problem-solving, teamwork and collaboration

• Empower themselves and those around them to take calculated risks

• Establish an innovative culture for business productivity and growth

IVE’s work has been built upon 23 years of research into creativity and the impact it can have on learning – we are experts in this field. They have been advisors to government, led national development programmes and have worked across a range of sectors including;

• chemical

• clinical

• construction

• engineering

• global PLCs

• legal

• public

• tech