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Cyber Security Partners experience excellent growth

At Cyber Security Partners we have seen a significant upturn within the cyber security industry. More organisations are taking the current environment to use their work from home / business continuity process and to review their security controls and as a result we are expanding.

Although normally based in Leeds in a large office environment, we are doing what many other companies up and down the country and working from home, but that has not stopped us trying to help out the local community whether by donating food to local homeless charities or hosting free educational  ‘What the flip is….’ sessions .

Our social media and blogs have, during this difficult period, been focused on helping others in the same situation by offering WFH tips, how to spot scams and providing learning resources for staff to follow at home to stay secure.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Leeds Chamber of Commerce for being instrumental in sharing these tips.

Although we don’t like being away from our CSP team, our staff wellbeing is a top priority so we have made it as simple as possible for our members of staff to work from home and continue with their outstanding work. And, whilst we might not be able to enjoy the usual office banter, we have been holding virtual team meetings and quizzes – morale within CSP is high.

We strongly believe that this attitude towards our staff, continued contract growth, including a central government contract, coupled with the support from the Leeds Chamber of Commerce has helped us reach a point where we are on the lookout for some excellent cyber security personnel to join our team and would like chamber members to get in touch.

Once again, we would like to thank all staff, our clients and the team at the Leeds Chamber of Commerce for being a part of CSP’s journey.