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Everything is better when you’re JETTING together

In what can only be described as an uncertain time, two local businesses join force as neighbours to offer services to a well-established community in Greengates and surrounding areas. Drain Doctor Bradford and Jetts Fitness are all about ensuring customers are their priority focal point in their expert field of drainage and fitness.

Whilst the community continues to adapt to it’s new Monarch, forever changing Prime Minister and worry over increasing costs of living, Drain Doctor Bradford and Jetts Fitness want to give back to those who might need it most. I hear you say how? Exercise and meeting new people of a similar mindset and motivation can do you world of good for mental health. To help with this, Drain Doctor Bradford and Jetts Fitness are offering two people a years free membership.

If you know someone who might just need that support and guidance or who might be struggling with mental or physical health and would benefit from some feel-good hormones please contact