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Free GrowthBox initiative to help small and medium-sized businesses find and keep customers

GrowthBox, a free online platform, has just launched to help more businesses survive and thrive by making marketing easier to do.

York-based GrowthBox provides a unique and bespoke online planning service to small and medium-sized businesses to help them work out how to find and keep customers. It can also connect them with marketing experts all across the UK, helping to turn their business dreams into reality.

Jim Bulmer founded GrowthBox after building several successful business ventures for Royal Mail and working with StartUp Britain for a number of years, listening to hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses talk about the problems they encountered.

With a background in growth – sales, marketing and go-to-market strategy – Jim saw that many were struggling with marketing, resulting in them failing to achieve their potential or even going out of business. In 2020, for example, a record number of businesses were started but history tells us four in five may fail and a lack of marketing is often a reason behind that.

Jim said: “After speaking with so many businesses it became clear that often they saw marketing as a kind of dark art. Small and medium-sized businesses typically don’t have a lot of time, are busy running their businesses, often don’t have a background in marketing and don’t necessarily know who to trust to handle their marketing for them.

“But finding and keeping customers doesn’t have to be difficult and can be the difference between small business success and failure. After all, a business without customers simply isn’t a business and given the difficulties faced by many recently, businesses need to invest wisely in marketing to help get their businesses back on track.”

“That’s why GrowthBox was born – to help small and medium-sized businesses survive and grow by making marketing easier to do.”

In less than 10 minutes, the free GrowthBox online planning service helps businesses work out what to do and provides simple recommendations and advice to move them forward. It also connects businesses of all sizes with marketing experts around the UK to produce proposals across all aspects of marketing, taking the hard work out of finding the right expert help needed to grow and deliver their goals.

“We are finding the process itself is helping businesses think about marketing in a different way and that making contact with experts easy for them seems to be a real benefit too. We are excited about the future and in the meantime would love more small and medium-sized businesses to try out GrowthBox for themselves.”

GrowthBox is free for all small and medium-sized businesses to use and can be found online at Providers of marketing services are also invited to get involved and can make contact with GrowthBox via the website too.