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Fulfilment Centre opens in Leeds

A new fulfilment centre has opened at a development in Leeds and is set to expand later this year.

The facility at the £200m Logic Leeds industrial and logistics hub is operated by Pegasus World Holding Group, which has its headquarters on the site.

The Curo Fulfilment facility store, packs and delivers good for customers.

Later this year, it is set to relocate to a nearby unit of almost double the size, which is already under construction.

Pegasus operations director Martin Doyle said:

“It is a business venture which we’re extremely excited about. Unlike other fulfilment centres, we are happy to take products of any size. Businesses can choose a package that suits their volumes and needs, which will leave clients more time to grow their business. We are using a large area of our existing warehouse.”

Pegasus World is a global textile manufacturing, sourcing and distribution business, specialising in the hospitality sector. It has also expanded into the PPE market since the pandemic.

The company is now expanding into fulfilment, with its new unit at Logic Leeds set to comprise 61,000 sq ft.

Doyle added: “This unit is planned to have serviced offices so we should be in a great position to offer new start-ups and established businesses an opportunity to work in an office at an inexpensive cost while being close to their products. This will limit expenditure on leasing premises elsewhere and expensive additional staff.

“It is hoped that the expansion will bring additional employment to the Leeds area as well as helping the local economy.”