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How Volta Compliance Helped Thorite Transition to Electric

There are plenty of reasons why people are making the move to electric cars. They’re better for the environment and cheaper to run. With the Government banning the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030, it also means you can stay ahead of the game and avoid disruption in a few years’ time.

Those benefits are amplified for businesses who have multiple vehicles in their fleet – or the possibility of several staff wanting to use charging infrastructure. Having electric chargers on site encourages employees to make the switch and makes businesses more attractive to staff that already drive an electric car.

However, that’s also the biggest hurdle involved in the transition. Before you can move to electric, you need the chargers in place. That was the challenge faced by Thorite, who wanted electric vehicle chargers installing in their car park after moving to a new site. Thankfully, another local business and member of the West & North Yorkshire Chamber – Volta Compliance – was on hand to help.

Expanding and innovating

Thorite supplies compressors, air tools and pneumatics products with branches across the north of England – along with Birmingham and Bristol. Since 1971, the company’s headquarters have been at Thorite House in Laisterdyke. Having outgrown their home, they moved to a new 44,000 square foot site closer to the centre of Bradford in 2021.

The purpose-built facility has everything they need for ambitious expansion plans, including plenty of free parking – which the old site lacked. To add to the modern amenities at their new home, Thorite wanted to install electric charging infrastructure.

Based just down the road in Leeds, Volta Compliance was the ideal partner for the transition. After a quick consultation, they determined that two 7.4kW sockets in between parking bays 1 and 2 would be the ideal solution, complete with tethered leads for connecting cars. Thorite also wanted smart functionality so the sockets could be easily managed and monitored going forward.

Volta’s expert installation

Volta’s installers supplied and installed EO Charging sockets with tethered leads, so cars can easily be connected, even if drivers have forgotten their own charging cable. The chosen infrastructure has all the capabilities required by Thorite’s team. Users can login to set up and remove drivers, adjust the charging tariff and minimum charge, and see the status of their chargers.

The network connectivity also gives Volta Compliance remote access to the hub for a range of functions. They can assist with reboots or unlocking of the hub or sockets, as well as recording usage for auditing purposes.

All bases covered to help the environment

When it comes to electric charging infrastructure, there’s a lot to think about for everyone involved. By choosing a local specialist like Volta Compliance, Thorite had the whole process taken care of – from design and feasibility to the electrical installation, network configuration and even signage.

They provided all the relevant certification and the distribution network operator (DNO) was notified of the installation, as required. The result is a safe, fully functioning facility that encourages electric vehicles to be used and does a little bit more to help the fight against climate change.

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