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Leading Wide Format Printers FaberExposize UK & Northern Flags Invest £1million in Yorkshire

Leeds-based FaberExposize UK and sister company Northern Flags proceed with their £1 million investment plan in Yorkshire by welcoming a Zünd G3 cutter and installing a new mezzanine floor. This is one of the many investments initiated by the senior management team who in the beginning of this year increased the factory’s in-house capabilities with the purchase of one of the world’s fastest printers – the Jeti Tauro H3300. With the new dye sublimation and cutting additions to the print and finishing room, FaberExposize UK is positioning itself as a market leader in the Yorkshire region specialising in ‘just-in-time’ production.

The factory’s rapid expansion called for a brand-new mezzanine floor dedicated to the pick-and-pack logistics of the business. Since the start of the pandemic, FaberExposize UK reshored a significant amount of print historically printed in Europe and Asia. This created more job opportunities for print enthusiasts and experts in Leeds and beyond.

Of the company’s recent investment in Yorkshire, Managing Director Iain Clasper-Cotte said:

We take pride in being in the heart of Yorkshire and having one of the most modern wide format print facilities in the country. The expansion of our factory has opened up job opportunities in all areas of the business as the number of staff members we employ has nearly doubled. Our £1 million investment allows us to execute print jobs with far greater speed and precision to meet the growing demand of businesses in the Yorkshire region as they start to reopen post-pandemic.

Over the past few years, FaberExposize UK has been recognized at several Award ceremonies for being the ‘go-to’ and most sustainable wide format printer across Yorkshire and the whole of the UK. As more and more companies are transitioning to sustainable branding, FaberExposize UK has expanded its services to cater to the needs of businesses in Exhibitions, Construction, Sports and Events, Retail, Hospitality, and the Automotive industry.