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Local fundraising organisation seeking professional help with sponsorship project

Chequered Flag Motorsport was established as a not for profit Community Interest Company by
Gary Booth in 2019. Established solely as a means of raising funds for charities and other good
causes it has used motorsport themes to great effect working with organisations such as PACES,
Support Dogs, Different Strokes, Dementia UK, Autism UK, MIND, Wish Upon a Star and many

It is now looking for assistance in developing a significant project with the disabled community.
This will provide the community with an opportunity that they had previously considered beyond
them and help in changing not only their view of their future possibilities but of how they are
viewed by the wider public. Given the not for profit nature of the organisation it has to rely solely
on the assistance of volunteers and is therefore asking the local business community for help in
delivering the project and as a result helping those in a much less fortunate position. Unfortunately,
for privacy and confidentiality reasons, it is not possible to provide too much detail at this time
about what is planned, but it is motorsport based and there is a chance that this project will become a
TV documentary as well as a series of regular events to satisfy the demand already identified with,
hopefully, the first event going ahead in late summer 2021.

To make the most of TV exposure arising from the documentary help is sought in putting together a
sponsorship package for major corporates. It would also be helpful to have someone who can then
take the opportunity to potential sponsors. This element is important as the project comprising of a
series of events will not only be funded by traditional grants but also by corporate sponsorship.
Without the success of this element the delivery of the whole project would be in doubt so it is
regarded as extremely critical and it is therefore hoped that the business community will help as
much as possible.

In particular if you have experience in sponsorship, project management, marketing, copywriting or
legal aspects of sponsorship packages and would like to help with this exciting and worthwhile
project then I would like to hear from you.

To get in touch, please contact Gary Booth on 07917694991 or at