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Taking Care of Electrical Compliance for P&B Foods

Based in Leeds, Volta Compliance works with a number of local companies to keep them on the right side of electrical compliance. That includes both ongoing contracts and ad-hoc work to inspect, repair and maintain installations and appliances.

In 2018, they were contacted by P&B Foods in Bradford, who required a fully managed service. Like many Yorkshire businesses, they wanted electrical compliance to be taken off their to-do list altogether. That meant putting together a contract which looked after every aspect of compliance and reduced the number of reactive maintenance issues in the process.

Electrical services provided

The first step of the process was to carry out a comprehensive EICR report, which looks at everything from defective work and overloaded circuits to checking the condition of a building’s electrical installation. Upon completion, they carried out remedial work to bring the installation in line with BS 7671 standards.

Volta arranged more frequent EICRs going forward – with an appointment scheduled in every year. While the recommended duration between inspections can be anywhere from 1-5 years, lowering the time between appointments typically reduces the cost and disruption of remedial work. Emergency lighting is also checked regularly, with periodic PAT tests to make sure all appliances are safe and fully functional on P&B’s site.

The team at P&B Foods don’t have to worry about booking in tests or remembering renewal dates. As part of the contract, they receive annual reminders to keep them on top of their electrics. They have also gained access to an online portal, where they can view real-time compliance information with test dates, re-test dates and all of the associated paperwork.

One less thing to worry about

With a 200,000 square foot warehouse and 120 staff members, it’s fair to say P&B Foods has enough ‘on its plate’. Their contract with Volta Compliance has given them a significant amount of time back to focus on the day-to-day running of their business. Most importantly, however, it’s made sure they’re compliant and electrically safe.

Whether it’s an insurance claim or a HSE visit, they have everything they need to prove compliance. Above all else, they can rest assured that staff and site visitors are completely safe from the dangers posed by electrical installations.

In terms of the service they provide to customers, a proactive approach to electrical maintenance makes sure they won’t be hit by major disruptions. With customers throughout the UK and Europe expecting food deliveries within three days of ordering, a power outage, site closure or even fire would undoubtedly cause lengthy delays.

Local companies working together

The partnership between Volta Compliance and P&B Foods is a shining example of how local companies can work together to ensure compliance, enhance safety, and ultimately improve the service they provide to customers.

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