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University of Bradford graduate is all set to shake up the energy drinks market

Just two years after graduating, 24-year-old Omar Bahadur is the CEO and founder of beverage start-up Faraday Drinks Ltd, which is set to disrupt the energy drinks market with an innovative natural caffeinated flavoured water product.

The Mechanical Engineering graduate from Heaton, Bradford, said: “For me, it was about addressing a problem and identifying a gap in the market. Most energy drinks are carbonated, contain artificial ingredients, high in sugar and served in cans which means once opened you cannot store them to consume later.

“My engineering background stems from my passion for problem solving. It was a big risk entering one of the most saturated and fiercely competitive markets, which made it crucial to have a well differentiated offering.”

After graduating from the University of Bradford in 2018, Omar found work thanks in part to the University of Bradford’s Careers & Employability Service, which offers help for up to five years after graduation.

“I’m grateful to the University of Bradford for assisting me, their careers service is remarkable. I invested all of my earnings into Faraday and worked on it during evenings and weekends before going full time on the business last year. It’s easy to work hard on something you’re passionate about.”

Inspired by his engineering background, Omar named the product after British inventor Michael Faraday, securing trademarks in the UK and US. He assembled his dream team of suppliers, food scientists, designers and even a bottling factory in locations ranging from London through to Glasgow, taking two years to perfect his offering. He even visited California to gain a better understanding of his competitors before steering Faraday into production on July 23.

“Caffeinated water bridges the gap between coffee and fizzy energy drinks. Faraday is still natural caffeinated raspberry rose flavoured water with 60 per cent less sugar over competing energy drinks, served in striking sustainable packaging. It’s light on the tongue and heavy on the energy, I say ‘Enjoy your day with Faraday’.

“It has been very hands-on. When you’re a sole founder you have to wear all the hats from legal, sales, marketing to gathering feedback from the target market and be persistent in your pursuit for success.

“Bradford is a diverse city and what you find when you go into business is just that: diversity. So, having a university here really prepares people to do well in that world. The University continues to support me. I’m proud to be born in Bradford and to have attended its university. Business comes in all shapes, colours and sizes. Bradford is a city where anyone can become anything.”

Faraday is available to purchase on their website with free express delivery and a 10 per cent discount for students. They will also be holding a taster day and making sales at the University of Bradford, exhibiting at major trade expos and expanding the Faraday product line before entering the US market.