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Workplaces in Yorkshire and the Humber are urged to look at Acas advice on handling coronavirus at work

The coronavirus outbreak has sparked concerns around what rights staff have when it comes to sick leave, annual leave, the Government’s furlough scheme or how employers should handle a situation at work if a staff member is affected by the virus.


Acas Yorkshire and Humber Director, Fiona Williams, said:

“Employers and employees in Yorkshire and the Humber are understandably concerned about coronavirus and how it will affect our region.

“Acas continues to publish and update its advice on coronavirus.  This guidance offers best practice about handling sick absence, self-isolation, furlough and what to do if workplaces need to temporarily close.

“Employers and employees in Yorkshire and the Humber can access this new guidance from Acas at”


Acas’ coronavirus advice includes tips for staff on:

  • staying at home and social distancing;
  • vulnerable people and those at high risk;
  • caring for dependents;
  • handling sick pay and self-isolation; and
  • how furlough works.


Acas has published separate guidance on staff working from home during coronavirus: