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York University engineering students gain unique insights from local solicitor

Students at York University have taken part in a series of lectures delivered by David Scott a Senior Associate at Hethertons Solicitors.

The engineering students have learned about several areas of the law from the local specialist who covered employment law, contracts, engineering law and dispute resolution.

The series of lectures are part of the Law for Engineering Management module which is part of the MSc in Engineering Management course at the Department of Electronic Engineering.

Dr John Issitt, the course leader at York University, said:‘Our students had a very valuable and rich learning experience in David’s lectures. To listen to a practising legal expert and benefit from the wealth of his knowledge was both unique and an excellent contribution to their experience here in York. The lectures were well crafted, accessible and useful.”

Each session lasted two hours and saw David speak with more than 125 students. During one session David held a mock court case to give students a greater appreciation for the conduct of lawyers and the courts.

Speaking about his experiences at York University, David said: “I was honoured to take part in this year’s lecture series for these Masters students.

“They were attentive and had a passion to learn more about how the law affected their profession. I would like to thank York University for giving me this opportunity to share my knowledge with these future leaders of the electronic engineering industry.”

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