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Yorkshire Building Society joins Yorkshire and Humber Climate Comission

Ahead of Earth Day tomorrow (22 April 2022), Yorkshire Building Society has announced it has joined the Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission as part of its commitment to minimising its environmental footprint, raising awareness of environmental issues and building a greener society.

The largest of its kind in the UK, the recently launched Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission brings together a team of climate leaders from across the public, private and third sectors.

The Society’s Director of Balance Sheet Management, Rob Purdy, has been named as a part of a team of Commissioners from a wide range of organisations across the region that are united in their ambition and commitment to tackling the climate crisis.

Rob said: “I’m really proud to have been asked to represent the Society on the Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission. Over recent years we have progressively been reducing our environmental impact by investing in technology, improving waste management and engaging our colleagues in supporting our efforts in becoming more sustainable. I look forward to helping to fulfil the Commission’s aims of delivering climate action in a sustainable, inclusive, positive and evidence-based way.”

Chaired by Liz Barber, CEO of Yorkshire Water, the Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission aims to help the region reduce its carbon emissions as quickly as possible and ensure that people in Yorkshire are prepared to cope with the growing impacts of climate change.

As its main initial task, the Commission will prepare a climate action plan for Yorkshire and Humber, to be submitted to the UN COP26 in the autumn of 2021.

The Commission’s Director, Professor Andy Gouldson from the University of Leeds, said: “One of our priorities as a Commission is to explore how Yorkshire can best become a climate resilient, net-zero carbon economy based on green, sustainable jobs and good quality, comfortable homes and buildings. So, we are very pleased to welcome Rob Purdy and Yorkshire Building Society to our ranks, as their expertise and dedication can help us to push towards a healthier, cleaner, greener society.”

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