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Yorkshire business launches online marketing platform

A Yorkshire business has launched an innovative online platform to help small and medium sized businesses with their strategic marketing planning and tracking.

Margaret Bradshaw, from Thirsk, is officially launching My Marketing Button with a series of events and communications.

This robust tech solution uses a framework to gives business owners the tools they need to create and implement an effective marketing strategy. In addition to providing an ongoing solution it also helps define the meaning of marketing in a business. It delivers a powerful way to motivate a team, solve challenges, encourage ideas, and track return on investment.

Using her 30 years of experience in a variety of sectors, Margaret innovated the methodology behind the platform in the past 3 years and has delivered the process through training workshops. The launch of the software now means businesses can access this new thinking in an easy way and have a platform that can be used across their business and team.

Users of the platform can take advantage of pre-set tasks or create their own. It gives access to marketing ideas as well as giving businesses a solid, bespoke opportunity.

Margaret said:

“The team has created a technical solution to help businesses coordinate their marketing and there’s nothing else like it on the market. The platform is perfect for businesses that don’t have the big marketing teams or budgets to create major marketing campaigns. I spotted a gap in the market for something that could underpin activity, as so often business owners face challenges with marketing or try something and don’t feel satisfied with results. The way to tackle that is to ensure a clear and coordinated base line. We offer that, and so much more, within the platform and with the opportunity to earn achievements it also offers a motivational element.

“It provides invaluable marketing support,” says Margaret, “this solution has been designed to suit a variety of businesses from start-ups through to more established businesses in a range of situations, but who need to see an improvement in marketing return. It’s like having a marketing expert on hand to guide you through what marketing is and how you can get the most from it. We already have businesses who have engaged with the software and are seeing benefits. Our experienced team is also on hand to offer support.”

To find out more about the platform, or to book a demo, visit


T: 01325 582008