Motor firm is racing ahead

Tucked away on the outskirts of Garforth, 10 miles east of Leeds, on an unassuming industrial estate lies Ginetta, one of UK motorsport’s most exciting manufacturers. It was here at their production facility that the members of the Chamber’s Leeds Manufacturing Alliance were allowed to see the inner workings of a world-class race team.

The visit was led by Ginetta’s technical director, Ewan Baldry and the team’s design/race engineer Peter Smith. Speaking with Ewan, we heard why opening the doors to the Alliance is important for the team.

“The key benefit of having manufacturers at our facility is the opportunity to network. We are all in business in one way or another. To share our work and our processes with them, and in turn for them to share what they do with us, provides an opportunity for increased understanding and paves the way for future collaboration.”

The first part of the visit began with a slick promotional reel showing the success of the team on the world stage as well as highlighting why factory tours are integral for both Ginetta and the visiting companies.

“Motorsport is generally driven through sponsorship, corporate hospitality and technical partnerships. So at Ginetta, we have plenty of opportunities for businesses to join in. Companies can use it as an opportunity to promote their products and services but also take customers away from the typical business environment.”

This introductory presentation to the company gave an incredible insight into one of the UK’s leading race car manufacturers.

Right from the outset, Ginetta quickly established itself as a pedigree manufacturer of race and road cars. Founded in 1958 it earned a reputation for producing high-quality vehicles, but it was only after its 2005 acquisition by Lawrence Tomlinson that it truly gained its reputation as one of the most renowned British heritage race car brands.

What makes Ginetta stand out is that each and every car is produced at their base in Garforth. This 75000 sq ft state-of-the-art facility is the beating heart of Ginetta. The team is comprised of some of the UK and Europe’s brightest engineering and manufacturing talent helping to produce the iconic cars.

Walking around the various departments of the facility, the level of skill and innovation on display is breath-taking. From electrical to bodywork and right through to design, Ginetta operates with all the fine-tuned precision of one of their flagship G57-P2s.

As the tour wound to a close, the visitors from the Alliance were treated to a glimpse of plans for a future project that the team from Ginetta were understandably excited about but keen to keep under wraps. We look forward to hearing all about it in due course.

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