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10% Discount on Putting The Social Back in Social Media

When it comes to posting on social media platforms a lot of people put time and effort in creating content but then wonder why they are not getting any engagement.

We have put this masterclass together to help you better understand what to post and how to post.

We look at all mediums from plain text, images and video and take you through how you can get better results from your efforts.

This is a joint masterclass with Pamela Hopkinson from Social Media Solutions and Gareth James from Clockwork Eye Video. So book on and find out how you can put the social back in social media.

You can book your place here:

For Chamber members, we have a 10% discount offer. Call us on 01535 517077 or email to find out how to take advantage of this fantastic offer.

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This article was published by West & North Yorkshire Chamber.