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10% Discount on Understanding YouTube For Business

YouTube is the most misunderstood ‘Social Media’ platform on the internet yet it’s known by everyone.

In this masterclass we will teach you how to:

• Build your channel correctly
• Utilise the ’Studio’ effectively
• Upload videos correctly
• Get better Video SEO
• Get better results from your videos

People talk about other platforms but don’t seem to realise that Google owns YouTube which is why 99% of the time only YouTube videos appear in a Google search.

If you are NOT using YouTube then you really need to reconsider. If you are using it then are you using it correctly?

Jump onto our masterclass to ensure that you are using YouTube correctly.

You can book your place here:

For Chamber members, we have a 10% discount offer. Call us on 01535 517077 or email to find out how to take advantage of this fantastic offer.

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This article was published by West & North Yorkshire Chamber.