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Free Confidential Cost Review Report

Auditel will carry out, at our cost and no obligation, a Confidential Benchmark Review of your indirect costs and highlight how your business is performing and where improvements and savings can be made.


You will receive a detailed Benchmark Diagnostic Report, where each cost area will have been individually analysed by an experienced Auditel procurement expert with years of experience in procuring that specific area of cost.

Combined, our experts will provide commentary on your organisation’s procurement performance along with our recommendations.
Each cost is assessed on the following metrics:

• Prices
• Quality of services
• Carbon Emissions
• Contractual obligations / pitfalls / SLAs
• Reputation of the supplier
• Sector trading conditions
• Comparison with peers


• Based on our experience, knowledge and benchmark of your sector, we will identify areas that have potential to release hidden profit.
• Bring to your attention cost areas, where you previously did not know that they could be challenged and savings achieved.
• Provide a depth of understanding and clarity of the true total cost to the business.
• Identify income-generating opportunities.
• Give you the peace of mind that you are already achieving best value, giving you comfort that you are getting good market rates with a reputable supplier.

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Expiry Date: May 31 2022

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