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Free Digital Health Check for WNY Chamber Members

Measure your digital pulse against industry standards

It can be hard to get off on the right foot in the digital world. We understand that many projects can start out with the best intentions but fail to meet expectations due issues such as high cost, poor user experience or degraded performance.

Digital Health Checks are our offering to help you narrow down which areas to focus your attention on. We spend time with you and compare your processes against industry standards to produce a document outlining the areas in which your business is excelling, as well as remediation paths for improvements.

Who can benefit?

– Website owners that think there is room for improvement in cost, performance SEO & user experience.
– Companies managing their own IT infrastructure that are concerned about their security, monthly charges & performance.
– Online merchants that are not seeing the results they expect from their online store.
Read more about our services at Clear Horizon Digital, or contact us directly at

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Expiry Date: June 30 2023

Offer Code: CHD-COC
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