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Receive complimentary brand consultancy with Buttercrumble

It can be hard work carrying all the risks of business on your shoulders. However, a brand can make decision-making easier. Your brand guidelines act as a compass to help steer the ship. This can be your power. Essentially, branding is your organisation’s DNA and determines everything from behaviour to identity.

We know first-hand the strength a brand can provide and want to showcase this in a 1-2-1 brand consultancy session. We’ll share practical, tailored “quick wins” which you can implement today for your organisation. You’ll be confident when reacting to the ever-changing, and increasingly cautious world.

About Buttercrumble: Buttercrumble was founded by twin sisters, Chloe and Abigail Baldwin. We are a specialist, creative studio, employing our expertise in human-centric design and co-creation in our practice. It drives the adoption of design thinking in our client’s campaigns. We show how beauty, play and functionality can exist in harmony. We’ve had the pleasure of achieving this for clients such as John Lewis, Chester Zoo and Mamas & Papas.

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Expiry Date: March 31 2023