Set your business up for growth

Set your business up for growth with a Government-funded university partnership.

Are you and your organisation looking to increase productivity, create strategies to build resilience or improve your business processes to gear up for growth?
Leeds Beckett University is leading Government-funded Management Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (mKTPs) – projects which run from 12 months to three years and are customised to the needs of each business.

Each project is a partnership between the company, a team of academic experts from Leeds Business School, and a skilled graduate recruited by the University to lead the project and work as a full-time member of the organisation.
The projects are open to businesses of any size and from any industry. The teams work together to identify key strategic management-based initiatives to increase business effectiveness and improve results.

Jo Griffiths, Knowledge Transfer Manager at Leeds Beckett, explained: “Through our mKTPs, we are working as long-term partners with our companies – creating a robust platform to enable them to achieve their goals and drive strategic, long-lasting change.

“Our team of academics have a wealth of experience of working with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and running their own businesses; and can give you the practical tools and knowledge needed to develop and grow your business.”


Matthew Barton, Operations Director of Bensons Control Panels in Normanton, Wakefield, who have recently started an mKTP, said: “We first began working with the university in 2019 when we met Kim Yallop – who is now SME Engagement Manager at Leeds Beckett – through the Local Authority. Kim introduced us to the Expert Quartet productivity project for SMEs.

“Through the project, I found out about the Small Business Leadership Programme – which has been hugely helpful in shaping what we are currently trying to achieve. Our Managing Director, Helen Culloden, has now enrolled on the Help to Grow management course at the University. And, through our relationship with the academics at Leeds Business School, we began working on the mKTP.

“With the mKTP, the key thing for us is to get better at what we do. We want to be more effective in everything we do, to add more value to our customers and make it easier for our team to excel. We will also focus on strategic market development to take use forward into the future. It is a major investment in our business.”

“It’s been so easy working with Leeds Beckett – the support we have received has been of a high quality. It has been a partnership: we want to try new things and they are invested in understanding what we need and recommending options to achieve this.”